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On Sunday 16th September 2018 Stuart sets off from John O' Groats for his 1000 mile journey across the length of the UK in a pedal powered bathtub. He envisages the journey taking him two weeks to complete, taking the load of a 95kg thick acrylic large bathtub up very steep hills. A recumbent cycle will be fitted into the bathtub and an artists impression above shows how wacky this bathtub will look, with a flying rubber duck, an exhaust pipe firing out hundreds of bubbles and hour, and a man in a bath with bright green hair! With thanks to Bathroom City of Birmingham for donating the bath and also Kinetics Online in Glasgow for supplying the Kettwiesel Recumbent cycle and also engineering the bike into the bathtub. Stuart has raised over £50,000 so far over 11 years of fundraising for Macmillan Cancer Support and he has had to have 2 years off after a Mitral Valve leak in his heart but after major surgery in October 2017 will be back training for this latest madcap adventure. There will be a tracker on board so you can follow every step of the way. Please donate using the link above and look out for the video trailer which will be coming soon.


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