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Up to date news

Sat 26th April 14 - Sainsbury's, Canley, Coventry
Sun 27th April - ASDA, Whitley, Coventry
MOn 28th April - Cannon Park Shopping Centre, Coventry
Tues 29th April - Sainsbury's, Canley, Coventry
Wed 30th April - Stratford Upon Avon in Bancroft Gardens
Thurs 1st May - West Orchards Shopping Centre, Coventry
Fri 2nd May - Broadgate, Coventry
Sat 3rd May - Touchwood Shopping Centre, Solihull


I will be updating this page every few weeks before the event and where possible during the challenge and after.

I would like to again thank everyone, all clients,friends and family for their support in this challenge.

Thank You for your support