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 A press release will go out the night before the challenge with a May Day call from Santa to say he is in trouble. He has ran into trouble while doing a test run on his sleigh and was right overhead Hatton Park in Warwick when he had to eject.

Luckily with his parachute he will make it but where will he end up? Join the fun to find him on Sunday 13th December 2015 and the kids will get a small present and they will also see broken parts of Santa's sleigh all over the estate. The Civil Aviation Authority will be there and they need your help to find the black box flight recorder with a series of clues which contains a magical present. You can also send helium balloon messages to Santa but first he needs to escape from where he landed and get back to the North pole after fixing his sleigh. All donations can be made in the donation box. Stuart Kettell sponsors the whole event and all monies received go to Macmillan. You can see the other mad fool challenges on the previous challenges page of this website. Stuart has raised over £50,000 for Macmillan so far in 10 years of madcap challenges. See you there!

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